Waterproofing & Sealants

Waterproofing Materials and sealants are designed to keep liquids in or out depending on what your facility requires. We work to ensure that buildings are protected from the natural environment.  Inversely the environment needs to be protected from many liquids and by-products of processing and manufacturing. We also work to ensure containments, production areas, and storage vessels remain sealed to keep you in compliance with Environmental Regulations. Materials may be fluid applied Waterproofing, Sheet Membrane Systems, Bentonite Systems, Xypex Trowel on Systems.

Below-Grade Waterproofing

  • Building Foundations
  • Elevator Pits
  • Finished Below Grade Walls
  • EPDM Rainwater Detention System Liners
  • Landscape Walls & Retaining Walls

Above Grade Waterproofing

  • Building Envelope Air Barriers
  • Building Envelope Water Barriers
  • Elastomeric Exterior Brick, Block & Precast Systems
  • Promenade Decking
  • Inner Slab Systems
  • Green Roof Membranes
  • Traffic Deck and Roof Deck Waterproofing

Waterstop Injection Grouts

  • Polyurea and Epoxy Joint and crack injection
  • Expansive Urethane Injection
  • Injection Materials & Methods for Foundations , Containments, Clarifiers and other Strucutres
  • Negative & Positive Side Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

Water Repellents

  • Graffiti Resistant Water Repellents
  • Deck and Slab Sealers
  • Clear Water Penetrating Repellents


  • Hardeners, Densifiers & Dust Proofers
  • Sealants/Caulking at Horizontal & Vertical Joints, Windows, Doors & Flashings
  • Liquid Applied Expansion Joints
  • Preformed Expansion & Seismic Joints
  • Joint Covers
  • Traffic Bearing Joints

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We specialize in concrete repair and industrial coatings service which include Epoxy Injection, Containment Linings, Urethane Concrete Flooring and many other types of specialized repairs.

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