Concrete Repair

Here at Simpson & Associates we identify customers’ specific floor system needs for the substrate and intended end use.  We believe that “one size does not fit all” and instead recommend best practices available in our industry to properly decontaminate, test, clean, surface prepare and/or repair your floors then install products best suited to your particular end use.

Specific  job conditions that could be detrimental to the longevity of planned flooring systems such as concrete moisture content, acids, salts & oils contamination are tested for and considered as your project scope is developed.

Improved flooring system solutions have come of age obsoleting many previous materials. These innovative materials provide longer lasting solutions for your facility from a cost/benefit analysis providing lasting benefits to your facility maintenance budgets as well.

Simpson & Associates stays vigilant and alert to new product releases from a variety of manufacturers.  We consider all available products for a best fit to your intended application including performance & budgetary constraints.

Allweather Drip Pads Concrete Repair

White City, OR

Contractor Simpson & Associates, Inc. This project included decontamination of concrete slab, crack and joint repairs, and installation of a chemical resistant Tradewinds International, Inc. material which are based upon MilSpec (i.e. NASA) and FedSpec (i.e. EPA) requirements to meet State and Federal DEQ and EPA compliance guidelines.

Emigrant Waterslide Column Stabilization

Ashland, OR

Contractor – Owner Direct Short Project Blurb – This project involved working with a third party engineer to quantify structural cracking in concrete piers holding up components of the elevated waterslides, sandblasting the affected columns, and pressure injecting the columns with epoxy.

Manke Lumber Superior Wood Treaters Plant

Sumner, WA

Contractor – Owner Direct
This project involved concrete repairs and prep to rehabilitate drip pads and pressure treatment vessel rail track bulkheads, replacing failed sealant joints then over coating with a chemical resistant epoxy to comply with Washington State DEQ requirements. [/two_third_last]

Rogue Creamery Cheese Fab Floors

Central Point, OR

Contractor -Owner DirectProject included precutting floor slabs for selective demolition allowing failed drain system to be replaced, new drains set to amended elevations, tapering slabs to eliminate daily sterilization water pooling and finishing with Urethane Cementitious System for maximum durability. All completed to meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) criteria at this National Award Winning Cheese Processor.

Treetop Fruit Processing Facility, Line 4 Floors

Medford, OR

Contractor – Owner Direct Deteriorated Concrete Floor Decontamination from fruit pulp and acids, Extensive Degradation and Spall Repairs then followed with Epoxy Coating System acceptable to Food Processing Industry SQF Code Module 11 Guide Document Food Safety Fundamentals.

Porsche Collector Flooring

Southern Oregon

Contractor – Hamilton Construction
When the art gallery happens to be a collection of Porsches the canvas needs to be bright, functional and not detract from the art display. This urethane polymer floor matches the elegance of the cars in vision and performance.

MVA National Cemetery Terazzo Stone Flooring

Eagle Point, OR

Contractor – Kevcon, Inc
This project at a new Visitors Building included preparation and installation of a epoxy matrix stone floor, ground and polished to exacting MilSpec standards with the high quality suitable for a facility honoring our nation’s military warriors.

Darigold Plant Unload Pad Rehabilitation

Medford, OR

Contractor – Owner Direct Rapid turnaround project to meet SQF Code Module 11 observations. Removing failed concrete overlay, re-establish Expansion Joints, Repair Spalls , cracking, install flexible joints and overlay with rapid curing MMA System to allow next shift Milk Tanker Truck unloads.

Evergreen Parking Structure Rehabilitation

Medford, OR

Contractor S & B James Construction Mgmt. This project involved working with a third party engineer to identify then repair areas of failing concrete to ICRI standards, re-taper areas of roof deck with cement overlay to solve severe ponding issues, and install crack healing epoxy to affected traffic ramps.

MWWTP Influent Flume Rehab

Central Point, OR

Contractor S & B James Construction Mgmt. This project included cleaning, inspection, sand blasting, concrete repair and application of protective coatings to immersion service concrete surfaces at primary intake channels of municipal waste water treatment facility for Medford, OR

Treetop Acid Tank Containment Rehab

Medford, OR

Contractor S & B James Construction Mgmt. Project included removal of deteriorated containment concrete, re-grouting tank bases, rebuilding deteriorated ramp concrete, installing slurry overlay system resistant to acid tank contents.

Western Beverage Deteriorated Concrete Ramp Repair

Contractor S & B James Construction Mgmt. Critical Will Call ramp damage needed to be repaired during off hours to avoid disruption to business operations. Work included spall repairs to ICRI guidelines, crack and joint repairs , shotblasting surface prep & installation of skid resistant MMA materials. Work took 1 day.

Marion County Animal Control Facility Flooring

Salem, OR

Contractor – Owner Direct
This new facility included intake processing, kennels, laboratory and exam room areas that all required protection of floors subject to frequent exposures to bodily fluids & sanitation cleaning. Floors also needed to be skid resistant as they would be frequently wet while in use and non-abrasive to protect tender pads of the clients’ feet. A MMA (methyl methacrylate) Floor Coating System was utilized with a soft vinyl chip additive broadcast into the system to provide gentle skid resistance.

White City VA Cafeteria Flooring

White City, OR

Contractor S & B James Construction Mgmt.
Kitchen, Serveries & Food Prep Floors in this new facility required stringent adherence to engineering specifications for a durable and impact resistant trowel applied Urethane Concrete Polymer Flooring System.

Excel Aircraft Hanger Flooring

Medford, OR

Contractor – Owner Direct
Basing a beautiful plane in a new Hanger Building in Medford required that the floor be extremely durable and enhance the beauty of the plane it housed. Attention to surface preparation detail, slab conditions and application quality control techniques insured a happy facility & pleased private plane owner.

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