History and Mission of Simpson & Associates SDVOSB LLC.

Started in 2006 in Medford, Oregon –  Simpson & Associates SDVOSB LLC  provides commercial, industrial & institutional services in painting, special coatings, resinous flooring, waterproofing, sealants & concrete rehabilitation. Customers throughout Oregon , Washington and Idaho have benefited by having Simpson & Associates personnel assist them with projects large and small on new structures and older facilities.

Our ability to grow our business in the Pacific Northwest was due in part to the lessons learned by Tim Simpson, Jr. & his father Tim Simpson, Sr. in providing Contracting, Project Management and Quality Control Inspection Services in the Coatings Industry across the United States from 1971 thru 1994.  You can read a bit about these early days in the “Our Team” section of this website for Tim Simpson Jr. & Sr. and can also see some of the projects both were involved with in our website Photo Gallery “A Half Century in Pictures”.

In the late 1990’s after completing many years of painting and coatings projects at various hospitals, food processing facilities, industrial buildings, waste treatment facilities , & commercial kitchens Tim Simpson, Jr. & Sr. looked at what forces were driving the need for more specialized coatings services.

Both determined that re-branding to clarify our mission was in order.  Over the next 20 years the idea of Simpson & Associates SDVOSB LLC was planned as a business to be owned by Tim Simpson, Jr. as Tim Simpson, Sr. reached retirement age and withdrew from ownership capacity. This was achieved with the formation of Simpson & Associates LLC in 2006 and through Tim Simpson, Jr.s full ownership of Simpson & Associates SDVOSB LLC in June of 2014.  Tim Simpson, Sr. accepted a position as Quality Control Manager for Simpson & Associates SDVOSB LLC in 2016.

Top Quality Performance

Providing quality service in response to their clients’ needs would trump project size and value in order to build a lasting business with satisfied repeat customers.  This attention to the smallest of a customer’s needs has created a long list of repeat customers that have become our best marketing tool over several decades.  From repairing a concrete spall on a forklift loading ramp to epoxy injecting a crack in a Wastewater Treatment Plant Primary Clarifier Wall our customers will tell you we are there for them by providing what they need – when they need it.

We considered managers of most facilities or man-made structures built have to be concerned in some way with what leaks in or what leaks out.  Simpson & Associates SDVOSB LLC provides repair & protective coatings services from the floor thru the roof to seal and protect building envelopes, floor slabs and containments with durable and economical finished surfaces.  Crack repair materials, waterproofing,  air barriers, chemical resistant coatings , epoxies, trowel down resinous floor systems & hybrid coatings are what we provide.

Safety and the Environment

We here at Team Simpson feel that the Safety of not only our employees but all with whom we come in contact with during the course of performing our work is always our first priority.  The world we live in has changed dramatically in just the last few decades with regulations involving the environment affecting both us and those we serve.  Fortunately technology has given us the tools, equipment and materials to both work safely and to also provide protective materials to our customers so that they can also meet regulations and protect the environment around and under their facilities.

New Technology

We have seen numerous manufacturers of various repair materials, coatings, sealants & equipment have responded to the industry with technological advances. Understanding the value of these advances in technology allow us to provide a wide variety of high quality new and improved products and application techniques to solve client issues.

Seeing the increasing demand for tailored solutions to specific customers’ needs, the Team at Simpson & Associates SDVOSB LLC has evolved to place the emphasis of services from coatings to also include more specialized types of repair and coating solutions.   Specialized production & dust containment equipment has been added over time to rapidly prepare surfaces being repaired and coated while controlling job site environments.  Employees have been and continue to be cross trained in the application of a wide variety of new technology materials by trowel, spray, & pumped applications.

Regulations affecting our customers

We also found sanitation regulations in the food processing industry were coming of age and standardized to ensure facility compliance in the protection of surfaces where food is processed and stored.  Building, CSI, ICRI and other Construction Codes were also being modified and re-written to address air and water infiltration issues into buildings and structures.  Mold and Mildew Codes had been enhanced.   DEQ Regulations involving contamination of soil around and under manufacturing and production facilities were being enforced.  New Specifications & Standards  have been adopted and utilized by the compliance industry in identifying and remediating excessive moisture in flooring substrates as one example to solve floor system failure situations. And these Standards continue to be expanded today to anticipate the needs of new facilities and rehabilitation of existing.

Simpson & Associates SDVOSB LLC focused in on what our clients needed and respond to meet the needs of our customers.  Other parts of our website define the many services we provide in repairing and maintaining slab, floor, wall & other surfaces in facilities of many types. By taking a trip through our website you will pass down our memory lane and most likely identify how we may be of further assistance in helping you maintain your facility.

Team Simpson appreciates you taking the time to visit our website and visit some of our projects with us on our site.

Tim P. Simpson, Jr.
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